GO:CL Season 1 results


The first season of GO:CL was conducted online in a few stages. The Born to Win started to show their best level right from the beginning, winning 14 out of 18 matches and taking the second place out of 10 teams in the group stage. Such great results were achieved thanks to the hard work and practices in spring.  Ukraine Natus Vincere managed to outplay such strong European teams as Ukraine FlipSid3Denmark dignitasGermany mousesportsUkraine HellRaisersGermany PENTASweden Property and others. Their amazing win streak was stopped only by the Wolves from Copenhagen (future ex.SK-Gaming) and PENTA on de_mirage. All in all, the group stage was quite successful for our team and it moved on to the playoff from Upper Bracket. 


Tournament table

# Team G V D L Dif S
1. PolandVirtus.pro 16 12 0 4 55 36
2. UkraineNatus Vincere 18 12 0 6 57 36
3. Sweden1337 18 10 0 8 21 30
4. DenmarkTeam Dignitas 18 9 0 9 -20 27
5. PolandGamers2 18 9 0 9 9 27
6. UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics 16 8 0 8 25 24
7. DenmarkCPH Wolves 18 8 0 10 -30 24
8. UkraineHellRaisers 14 6 0 8 -31 18
9. GermanyPENTA Sports  14 4 0 10 -40 12
10. Germanymousesports 14 4 0 10 -46 12


Apart from The Born to Win, 7 more teams advanced to the playoff, namely Poland Virtus.pro, Sweden Property, Ukraine FlipSid3Denmark Digntas, Ukraine HellRaisers, Denmark SK, Poland Gamers2. Considering big number of wins, our guys started playing right from Upper Bracket’s semi-final, while other teams had to compete in extremely difficult matches to reach them. HellRaisers and SK (1337) were fighting in 1/8 finals, and the latter managed to move on, winning 16:3 on decider map de_dust 2. Then, SK played three maps in 1/4 final against Property and were defeated by the Swedes on de_mirage (16:10). You can watch all GO:CL Season 1 matches again on YouTube.



Upper Bracket’s final took place on July 5th and turned out to be successful for Natus Vincere right from the start. Even despite quite solid performance of the Swedes on de_inferno, the map ended with 16:11 score in favor of The Born to Win. The second map was more one-sided, and our guys managed to show some incredible plays. Russian FederationDenis “seized” Kostin was outstandingly on point, killing more than half of his opponents with headshots. Such a nice performance broke the Swedish squad and they fall to Lower Bracket after 16:2 de_mirage lose. 


Sunday, July 5, 18:00 CET


  • UkraineNatus Vincere [2:0] Sweden1337 (Property)
    Maps: de_inferno [16:11]de_mirage [16:2].


In Upper Bracket’s final our team encountered Danish team Denmark Team Dignitas, which had to outplay Ukraine FlipSid3 and PolandVirtus.pro to get there. But the fight wasn’t that intense, as Dignitas managed to take only 10 rounds on both de_overpass and de_mirage. The best player of this clash wasUkraineEdward, who had the biggest number of kills overall.



Meanwhile, the matches of  GO:CL Lower Bracket were also very exciting. All teams were trying to show their best in extremely close clashes. As a result,  Poland Virtus.pro, Ukraine HellRaisers, Sweden Property, Ukraine FlipSid3, Poland Gamers2 determined the strongest participant. HellRaisers and Property were competing to take part in the Lower Bracket final, and the match ended in favor of Ukrainian team. Then, they were defeated 16:2 on de_mirage and 16:10 on de overpass, and Team Dignitas advanced to the grand-final. You can watch all GO:CL Season 1 games on YouTube.



The Global Offensive Champions League Season 1 grand-final took place on August 11 and was held in BO5 format. The Born to Win had 1-point map advantage, as they advanced from the Upper Bracket. One of Ukraine Na`Vi’s most played maps in 2015 — de_mirage — was chosen to be the first. Even though our guys had lots of experience on it, the first side was convincingly won by the Danes with 11:4 score. After the small tactical pause, Na`Vi managed to equalize the series and bring the map to overtimes. Confused opponents tried to put the pressure on Natus Vincere, but our guys have played too many overtimes in recent tournaments and were confident in themselves. They took six straight rounds and won the series. 



de­_train was the next. Natus Vincere started very strong and Ukraine Edward was once again the MVP of the team. He managed to “read” the actions of opponents and win in important exchanges. All in all, the Danes managed to take only 4 rounds on CT-half, and 5 on T-half. The final score was 16:9 and Natus Vincere became the champions of GO:CL Season 1.


In general, the tournament was very successful for our team, and all players managed to prove themselves skills wise, especially  Ukraine Edward and Russian Federation seized. The victory was achieved on a bootcamp in Kyiv, where our team prepares for ESL One Cologne. All GO:CL Season 1  games can be viewed again on YouTube.


top 1 place — Ukraine Natus Vincere — $15 000

top 2 place — Denmark Team Dignitas —  $8 000

top 3 place — Ukraine HellRaisers — $5 000

Format and maps



  • Group stage: Round Robin (each vs each). All the matches are held in bo2 (at 2 maps). The teams which took 1-6 places will get to play off. The teams which took 1-2 places will get to play off from the second stage
  • Play off: Full Double Elimination in bo3 (till 2 victories), grand final in bo5 (till 3 victories). 


Official maps of the tournament


Team squads

UkraineNatus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, seized, GuardiaN, flamie

UkraineHellRaisers: ANGE1, Kucher, Dosia, Adren, mou

UkraineFlipSid3 Tactics: B1ad3, Worldedit, bondik, markeloff, s1mple

PolandVirtus.pro: Taz, pasha, neo, Snax, byali

PolandGamers2: SZPERO, michu, mouz, minise, innocent

SwedenTeam Property: schneider, pauf, berg, zende, twist

DenmarkTeam Dignitas: MSL, Pimp, Kjaerbye, Nico, aizy

DenmarkCPH Wolves: smf, HUNDEN, Acilion, Friis, Snappi

GermanyPENTA Sports: kRYSTAL, Troubley, tabseN, stavros, strux1

Germanymousesports: gob b, ChrisJ, Spiidi, nex, denis


League's partners


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