Na`Vi.LoL interview with CitizenWayne!

image Today we bring you yet another interview! This time you will get to know better our Team-Captain and AP carry player  Victor Toll (CitizenWayne). We talked to him about team's first offline event  under the flag of Na`Vi (Gamers Assembly starting on 7th of April) and his personal life. 


What was the first online game that you played competitively?
It actually is League of Legends. I was always playing a lot of computergames, and was always really good at them, but neither did they have the competetive appeal of LoL, nor was i willing to spend enough time for practising, only to enter a semiprofessional scene.


Have you always played AP carry in competitive play?
Yes i decided really early on the role i would play competetive, in every game i ever played the int/mage champs were the most interesting to me and in LoL especially i enjoy having a challenging role with a  ton of champions which are all played differently.


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