Na`Vi playing with Shakira and Darer tod


GosuLeague's Season 4 has already started and today is another playday. We'll be meeting image Shakira (not the pop icon but image Ryze, image S0ny and the Frenchies) and image Darer. 
image 7ckingmad, image Socks and image Funzii parted ways with image syndereN and image mTw after The International and are already back in the world of competitive Dota with a promising roster. image Ryze looks to be a stable part of the line-up while image S0ny is listed as a stand-in and is probably a try-out for now. 
(NB* We are already 1-0 against team image Shakira, today's game would be the second game of the series)
The Romanian veteran has always been regarded as one of the most talented players, would he finally find a team through which he could shine?
image Darer on the other hand have had some really tough last weeks losing 15 matches in a row. A win against our team is obviously highly unlikely, but the match would lend a hand experience-wise for the newcomers to top level competitive Dota 2.
Be sure to tune in tonight at respectively 20.00 and 21.00 CET to watch some high level entertaining Dota 2! 
English stream by image PurgeGamers for the matches against image Team Shakira and image Darer at 20.00 and 21.00 CET!
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