Na`Vi to play Infused today!


We'll be playing image Infused at 20.00 CET today in hopes of  keeping the first spot in our division - 2A. The Swedes are right behind our backs currently sitting at second place with the same stats. The battle for the first spot will be fierce!

Our boys have been training hard and will continue doing so now that The International 2 is approaching. image Infused's Wagamama just recently came back from his vacation and UK-based orga's representatives are probably off to some great practice. Which one's regime will pay off?

Tune in tonight at 20.00 CET to find out!



Stream for the match against image Infused, 20.00 CET




Watch live video from PurgeGamers on

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#1 7 August 2012, 13:34
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#2 8 August 2012, 00:30
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#3 9 August 2012, 01:32
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