The GPM Show

We are glad to present you a new project of Natus Vincere which goes under the name of GPM Show. During several months we will by trying to find out who's the best at killing creeps and who deserves the GPM Monster title the most!

The show is simple. There's an invited star player, five players from the community, six heroes chosen by the said community, and 20 minutes for the star to hit the maximum GPM possible. Wanna learn more? Keep reading!

During six days, we will be determining the heroes through the votes on the social networks. During same days we'll select five players who deserve to participate in the show. How are we going to do that? This is how:


  • All quests complete

Players for 1st GPM Show:


  1. image Cursedbyflame - Ursa Warrior (GPM 700+)
  2. image Dedrus - Void (GPM 700+)
  3. image Vallik - Templar Assasin (25+ kills)
  4. image PWN3GE - Mirana (25+ kills)
  5. image SPRAYKiN - Templay Assasin (0 deaths)


When you're done with the tasks, send your game ID to mark [at] with the following subject: "GPM Show application". Don't forget to include your Steam account or the nickname in the game. If you're lucky enough, Darth Vader will contact you and tell you what to do next!

If the first episode of the show becomes successful, the show will go on, and based on the results of the first season we will determine the GPM Monster who will win the man prize while two other players from his team will get Natus Vincere branded T-shirts.

The date and the time of the first episode of the GPM Show will be announced later. The voting will be held on VK and Facebook of team Natus Vincere at different times.

P.S.: Also, we will soon announce the DotA2 Na`Vi Quest during which you'll be able to perform other different tasks and win more cool prizes. So, stay tuned!

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