«The International — Growing giant»


The International was the first event that has managed to change the common opinion about eSports. Now, the games are seen not only as the way to spend some free time, but also as the activity that can become the meaning of someone's life and the way to make money. The new movie by Germany Moritz 'Moose' Zimmermann and Ukraine Natus Vincere will show you how the tournament that was initially conducted in the narrow corner of the video-games fair has grown to be able to fill the entire stadium with its fans. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the video!  


The comment by Germany Moritz 'Moose' Zimmermann:


For the past five years I was so fortunate to attend all TI´s. I was even the tournament organizer for the first International. Over the years I always collected video footage of the events and was able to film a lot behind the scenes. 
For the past month I have locked myself in my video editing room to cut a short film about The International, its origins and how it turned into this gigantic event it is today. 
Due to my deep rooted love to the CIS Dota 2 community, I made the effort to have a fully dubbed version in Russian language. 
I hope everyone will enjoy this short look into the event and that it will also give more insight to people who have no experience about gaming.


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