Grubby: Upcoming changes in HotS?


Well-known player and streamer Netherlands Grubby visited gamescom and played a new version of Heroes of the Storm. Afterwards, he wrote about all the changes he had spotted and could recall. Note, that the changes were presented in the trade show, so there's no guarantee, they'd be ever introduced in the game.

List of changes:

  • You can now see the team total's XP breakdown if you hover over it. E.g.: 8.2% from buildings and 6% from TD's and 14.5% from lane minions soak
  • When a Hero dies, his death timer immediately shows up in the death queue. So no more waiting for Uther's spirit to disappear before knowing his return time.
  • Shields are now white. It is much clear now than before what's the shield.
  • Gathering power 0% at start, 1% per Takedown and 50% retention at death. This is an overall nerf and makes GP a situational pick even on heroes like Kaelthas or Nova. Max is still 15% bonus.
  • Bolt of the storm cool down 70s(up from 40s)
  • Mercenary lord is now at level 4 for all heroes (I think) that had it at level 7. It has merged with Superiority, giving both talents former advantages.


  • Sweeping Grasp level 1 talent is gone and is now default part of her "E".
  • Mana-return E lvl 1 talent with 10 mana per target hit, max of 60.
  • No more seasoned marksman I think.
  • Massive trait talent changes and buffs. 20s on longer shield talent instead of 12s. Has a level 7 which gives 100% bonus HP and Mana regen whenever shields are active.
  • Her own form of sprint. 25% bonus move speed for 4s, CD 75s. Worse, right? BUT it activates each time you get a Takedown. She's FUN to play damn.
  • Her own form of Blood 4 Blood: essence for essence. 10% max life dmg, 20% max hp added to her assimilated shields. Worse, I think? But benefits if you are using it when full life or using it for the extra regen from lvl 7 talent.


  • Gravity lapse base range and speed has been increased to what Nether Wind (4) was.
  • Nether wind was not removed, it adds even more range and speed now.
  • The gravity lapse cool down level 1 talent got buffed by -3s CDR from -1s CDR. So E's CD is 13s and was reducible at max to 10s, now to 4s.
  • Flamestrikes base damage and living bomb base damage are slightly higher I THINK.
  • Mana flamestrikes talent at level 4 now gives 5% max mana back per kill up from 20 mana per kill. That makes it better post level 16 but worse pre I think? Quick maths, could be wrong.
  • Fission Bomb (7) is now 30% dmg bonus and 30% radius explosion increase (chard from just 75% dmg).
  • Pyro last radius increased a bit.
  • Pyromaniac (13) gives -2s CDR per tick up from -1s CDR (it's insane!).
  • Chainbomb and flamethrower still exist
  • Backdraft (16) now offers 50% slow for 2.5s (!!!) on living bomb targets
  • Flamestrikes talent (16) now gives a 50% dmg flamestrike same location automatically at 1st later


  • The lord of hells demon warriors are going to be less bad. Most of the bad talents got collected like a 2-in-1. Don't remember exactly how but you'll have for example less PvE dmg combined with more duration.
  • Bound minion(4) was removed. However at level 20 he got a 2nd trait charge (another general) and reduced its cool down by... Like 10s? This reduces his level4 and initial global strength and remote catapult buffs which imo is a good thing. But it brings back up his push power at level 20.
  • E does 25% bonus damage on structures now. I think it used to be 50%?
  • He can go full E build at level 1,4,7,13. Mana reduction and +25%(bringing it back up to its original 50%) structure damage at the level 1 talent. Level 4 brings that 15% life leech that he already had. Level 7 brings a 4th Power level (HA ME GA ME HAAAAA) and 3rd is good old March of sin still.
  • Mana reduction talent for Q at 13, seems not to compete.
  • Stacking build still possible and mostly unchanged.


  • Water elementals SUMMONING no longer chills or does damage. No further changes that I can recall or noticed. Good change imo, WE was OpieOP.


  • Level 7: three choices. Gidbinn = +33% timer on SPIDERS and ZOMBIES. Second choice: 4s zombie wall reduction talent. Third choice: all 5 of the plague toads upon impact give -1s CDR on toads and return 5 mana.
  • Level 13: zombie 5 uproot walking dead guys now also have the +50% dmg embedded in it that was previously at level 7.
  • Thing of the deep (13): all basic abilities range goes up by 25%
  • Loses sprint at 13
  • Gets hardened focus at 16
  • 16 didn't change for the rest
  • Ravenous spirit felt stronger (maybe bigger radius again?)


  • Sancti is now channeling 0.5s I think, but tyrael is free to go once it completes, and it leaves the invul zone in that location


  • He gains merc lord embedded with superiority (read general changes, wrote this about Arthas cos it may seem unexpected lol).



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