GuardiaN of the Galaxy


We are excited to share an amazing frag-video about our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player SlovakiaLadislav 'GuardiaN' Kovács. He is quick, strong and decisive, always ready to help his teammates and fight! He is a true guardian of the galaxy, isn't he?


Ladislav has been showing wonderful performance with his AWP in the last few months, helping his team to win two gold medals — at ESWC in Montreal and SLTV StarSeries Season 13 in Kyiv. The second place at DreamHack Summer is also worth being mentioned!


As a result, Slovakin player of Ukraine Natus Vincere was ranked the best in statistics of many offline and online tournaments and is considered TOP 1 AWPer in the world by many fans and other players. We highly recommend you to watch this video created by moviemaker CroatiaJosip 'brcho' Brtan, featuringSlovakia GuardiaN's best moments!


«GuardiaN of the Galaxy»


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