My teammates showed they can step up


ESEA TV interviewed SlovakiaLadislav "GuardiaN" Kovács after UkraineNatus Vincere victory against FranceTeam EnVyUS at ESL SEA Pro League Season 2. He explained that the player who is AWPing on Dust2 is very important for CT side defense and should always be moving around the map avoiding to sink in a single spot. GuardiaN was trying to either watch short to stop the enemy from progressing onto the bombsite and kill them or fall back to defend long.
In Cobblestone Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasilyev and the team stepped up, they showed they can play even without him. In general, AWPing is a role subject to much pressure that many players can’t handle, especially being the entry killer. GuardiaN’s job is to get initial kills and then leave the rest in the hands of his team. He is never pressured or scared by other snipers, because his job isn’t to eliminate them but to kill other players and give an early advantage to his team. Finally, Natus Vincere is going to analyze games until midnight and put everything they have on the finals!
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