GuardiaN tips: in-game Roles


Our player, Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, discussed with HyperX about the different roles that can be played in CS:GO.


  • The supports are the pillars of the game, two players cover this role and their objective is to protect two specific areas of the map. Each one of them should try to kill at least one player before die, or the game will become very hard for their team.
  • The entry fragger must initiate the fight, without fear, and kill as many enemies as possible.
  • The sniper is a multi-purpose role that can be played in a supportive or aggressive way, depending on the situation. On T-side the sniper has mostly a supportive role, he has to hold position and study the map, collecting precious info for the team.
  • The in-game leader can be either a fragger or a support depending on the situation: he is the brain and leads the actions of the team.


More details in the video!



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