GuardiaN: You have to trust your team


Our team won IEM San Jose with a solid 16-10 score on Dust2 and 16-8 on Cobblestone in the Grand Finals. The champion, Na’Vi SlovakiaLadislav «GuardiaN» Kovács, released an interview with HLTV explaining his impression of the tournament.
During the Semi-Finals, our team dominated the first map, where we showed higher skills. We also played well during the second map, before committing some mistakes. However, when UkraineIoann «Edward» Sukhariev won the 1 vs 3 round, we broke the enemy team’s mentality and took the energy to win the match. According to GuardiaN, you must always trust your team if you want to win. “They had a huge trust in me,” he said, so if the team is playing well, it’s about the teamplay and not the single player.
As a top tier team, you must be able to handle every situation and play at your best, even under the pressure from the audience. Of course, you can hear the crowd, but they must never enter into your mind. You must ignore any positive or negative reaction and focus on your game. GuardiaN also explains his opinion about jump and smoke scripts. Everyone is using them and if the tournament organizers will choose to ban this option in the future, we will just need to adapt. The game won’t change that much but, of course, there are some smokes that we will remove from our standard play. Listen to the complete interview in the video!
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