Guinness World Records in eSports


At last eSports were acknowledged by Guinness World Records! This is a great news for all the fans of competitive gaming. From now on we'll be able to find out the names of the best in our favorite disciplines. 


It is our pleasure to announce that according to Guinness World Records, the richest woman in eSports is United States Kat "Mystik" Gunn, who have won $ 122 000 during her career. This is great achievement for both eSportmen and eSportswomen. The most part of this substantial sum was won by Katherine in 2010 at WCG Ultimate Gamer, when she took first place in Halo competitions. This is a great story of passion, effort, achievement and award. We congratulate her on this. We think it is also an important sign for all the women in eSports, who struggle for their right to be there on equal terms with men.


Apart from Katherine, many eSports record-breakers got the the special edition of Guinness World Records. The International is among them. Valve's tournament has beaten the record, because the total prize pool of all Tis is greater than that of any other tournament. $ 35 000 000 has been presented to the teams since 2011! By the way our team managed to get the piece of this pie. We hope that Ukraine Na`Vi players will repeat its success in future.
The richest team in the history of eSports is United States Evil Geniuses, which overcame China NewBee this year due to the victory at The International 2015. The winner of TI 2016 will most likely beat the United States EG's record. Unfortunately, fantastic prize pool didn't help the main Dota 2 tournament to become the most popular event among the viewers. Dota 2 world's championed managed to gather only 4 600 000 audience, while 11 000 000 people watched League of Legends world's championship. 


The record of the quantity of views on bas beaten in March 2014, when 800 000 viewers watched one of the most important events of CS:GO scene — ESL One Katowice.

If we compare current records to those, set in 90s, we'll see an enormous increase in viewership, prize pools and quantity of pro players. Previously eSports was deemed a hobby of marginal youth. Now it is acknowledged an official sports by many countries in the world. The games have become a work, which brings good income. Therefore, eSports is currently reaching greater audiences. What if one day eSports will compete the king of competitive games - football - in terms of popularity? Share your opinion in comments!

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