Happy birthday, COOLLERZ!


We have another great reason to celebrate today, as it is the birthday of the newest player of ours - Russian FederationAnton "COOLLERZ" Singov. Throughout his career, he consistently demonstrated a high level of play and skill, taking high places in various tournaments, taking on even the most dangerous of the opponents. He is truly born to win!


He had joined the ranks of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A only recently but has already brought the first trophy to us, confidently striding through the upper bracket straight to the champion's title in a championship organized by Media MARKT. Without a doubt, he is an ambitious player, who has his eye set on many prizes; we are sure he will be able to achieve all of them with no exceptions. Even today, on his birthday, he does not forget the game, as he is taking part in QWC2017 European qualifications, fighting his way to the main event.



On behalf of Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A we wish him happy birthday, and may every day bring him more victories and only positive emotions. May the defeats never come your way, and may the luck be always on your side! Happy birthday, COOLLERZ!

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