Happy Birthday, seized!


Today is holiday at Ukraine Natus Vincere. The established player of our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squad, Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin celebrates his 21st birthday. Denis became one of the Born to Win in August 2013. He fit the team very well from the very beginning. Along with him, Ukraine Na`Vi managed to achieve many victories on various tournaments. 

Russian Federation seized will celebrate his birthday with the team. After the termination of Gaming Paradise, our team went to Dubai from Slovenia, where they will participate at ESL and ESEA championship. The guys will have a difficult flight. We hope that they will have time to have rest and prepare for the upcoming matches.


On behalf of Ukraine Natus Vincere we congratulate Denis on his birthday and wish him to implement his ideas and plans! Let the luck be always with you and let the Champion's cup of the next major tournament be in your hands!


Happy Birthday!


That's how players celebrate their birthdays


Main victories are ahead!

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