Happy birthday to seized!


Today is a special day in Ukraine Natus Vincere G2A, as we wish a very happy birthday to our own Russian Federation Denis “seized” Kostin. During the time he spent playing for us, seized has become an important link in the team and managed to win thousands of fans from all around the globe. His run has been remarkable so far, but we are convinced that there will be many more victories to come his way.
Denis has garnered the reputation of a talented and hard-working player, who gives it his all during practices and never stops at what has been achieved. Currently, he is in Atlanta together with his teammates, fighting for the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 trophy. We hope he will win himself a birthday gift this weekend and show what he is capable of on the field of battle!



We wish seized luck and success in all of his endeavors! May the new season become his most successful one to date and bring him new accomplishments and more professional achievements! 



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