Happy birthday, starix!


Today a former player and current coach of our CS:GO roster, UkraineSergey «starix» Ishchuk, turns 28. Make sure to congratulate him in the comments section below!


During his long and productive career Sergey helped Born to Win get numerous prestigious titles and even more often finish in top-3. starix managed to reach the heights of such tournaments as StarLadder, IEM, DreamHack and many others. Eventually he quit playing, yet couldn't leave the team - since then he's been occupying a responsible position of a coach and manager and is putting all his time and efforts to help Na`Vi conquer new horizons!  



Оn behalf of the whole Natus Vincere organizationwe wish Sergey a happy birthday and sincerely hope that he will always be successful both at work and in personal life!

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