Happy New Year!



The New Year is about to come (or it has already come, if you read it in 2015).  This means that we're entering a new period with new tasks and goals, with our work and personal life, with important issues to be solved and many other things.


The year of 2014 wasn't the most successful for our organization compared to the other years of its history. We faced many defeats. On the other hand we gained much experience and courage. We think that any loss is important experience, which will help us in the future to reach our wanted goals. First of all, we are very grateful to you, our dear friends and fans! We are grateful for your support and your concern. We admire those people who consider our players and squads to be an exemplar, who see the positive side of our results rather than negative ones, and still believe in us. Thank you very much!


ESports club Natus Vincere wishes you strong health, peace in your souls and in your countries, devoted friends and prosperity, and time to spend it well. We are sure, that things will go the way you want them in 2015.

Happy New Year, friends!

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#1 de Skulptis 31 December 2014, 19:46
Happy new year to all of you guys ;D
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#2 ua prb 31 December 2014, 19:47

Happy new year to all of you guys ;D

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