Na`Vi.HappyZerg to move to Korea!

imageIt's been quite a while since image Svyatoslav "HappyZerg" Vlasyuk joined the ranks of image Natus Vincere. Due to his recent success both online and on LAN tournaments the organization has decided to let Svyatoslav pursue his progaming dream and now sends him toimage South Korea!

Known as StarCraft mecca, South Korea is the home for world's best players. For many years Koreans have dominated StarCraft scene but recently e-Sports development in image Europe and image USA made it possible for foreigners to compete with all-mighty progamers. We believe that playing with the best will definitely increase the skill level and progaming awareness of our very own player.
image HappyZerg will stay in image South Korea for a month where he will live an practice at GOM-House - the place for European players to practice with Korean pros. Other than that, Svyatoslav will participate in GSL code A qualifiers.
The following content will be provided on the website:
- First person streams by HappyZerg from Korean ladder;
- Personal blogs and impressions of HappyZerg here at and in our official social groups;
- Photos and videos
- Commenting matches together with image Hireling, one of the best Russian commentators!
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