HappyZerg is first at Go4SC2!

Go4SC2 is a well-known European online tournament available both for professional and semi-professional StarCraft 2 players. The tournament has no entry fee and features bo1 format up to round 7, where contestants then take on best of three series and later on decided the oveall winner in bo5 format.

The latest edition counted 372 participants and the most notable of whom were: 

  • image mil.Tarson
  • image mil.DieStar
  • image Yayba
  • image ieS.Slider
  • image Moman
  • image unique.Kalin
  • image GG.Ourk
  • image empire.ho8ot
  • image virus.UnderDark
  • image virus.UkraineStar
  • image virus.Laukyo

In the final Na`Vi.HappyZerg meet French player virus.Laukyo and when the dust settled secured a solid 3:0 victory.

Tournament results:

1st place - image Na`Vi.HappyZerg
2nd place - image virus.Laukyo
3rd place -  image virus.UkraineStar
4th place - image empire.ho8ot

HappyZerg comments on his performace:

«This is my first victory at ESL tournament and under Na`Vi tag, so I am very happy with that. The tournament lasted for 7 hours and there were a lot of skilled players. The most difficult match was in the final where I met a high-ranked terran player. The tournament length was exhausting but I pushed myself to the limit, played my best game and won with 3 to 0 score. I will be now practicing even harder to bring more achievements to Natus Vincere organization!»

We with good luck to our player in Go4SC2 monthly finals.

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User Deleted
#1 16 April 2011, 12:20
Поздравляю! Na `Vi.HappyZerg и команду в целом!
Ребята давайте в в перед!
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