A Halloween treat from Valve: Haunted Colosseum


Valve is keeping its Halloween tradition alive by gifting us with an amazing new custom game; a spooky, pumpkin-filled custom game similar to Diretide called Haunted Colosseum. It is a new 5-on-5 battle for territorial control, complete with Capture Points, devilish traps, and warrior behemoths. The complete details of the game can be found below:

Haunted Colosseum


The year grows colder. In the dancing hearth-light, tales are told of the warring Ancients and their quest to conquer a source of power hidden deep in the mountain forests: the Haunted Colosseum. Once a site of warriors' ordeal, the colosseum’s nefarious hierarchs are said to have captured and collected the souls of the unworthy into points of potent energy.

Prepare yourself for a new kind of battle full of clever mischief and cruel treachery!


The quote above gives a vivid description about the new custom game. However, we've deduced the entire blog post in numerous points to help you get familiar with the concept of the game.



There are two teams of five each who will battle to capture five control points located throughout the battle arena. The control points can be captured by moving hero units onto them.



Owning three control points will see a rise in your team's score. However, if you own more than three, your team will score points even faster. The first team to score 5,000 points will win the match.



In the spirit of Halloween, a game is not fun without its unusual spooky traps. There are numerous traps, namely, Pendulum, Spike, Fire and Venom Traps. Pendulum and Spike traps will damage any hero they strike, regardless of the player or hero who activated them. Fire and Venom traps will only damage enemies of the hero that activated them.



The above image conveys a clear message on the activation of Fire, Venom, Pendulum and Spike traps. Every trap excluding Spike traps are activated by pressing buttons on your team's side of the colosseum whilst Spike traps are activated by stepping on them.



Similar to collecting candies from fallen heroes in Diretide, you'll be able to claim treats from fallen heroes once they are slayed which will help you in restoring health, mana, or even grant additional gold to help you in building hero items.



If your enemy scores 1,000 points they will trigger a Milestone, causing powerful Behemoths to appear to defend you. Behemoths are immune to Magical Damage, and have True Sight.


Source: Dota2


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