Hearthstone World Championship Tour 2016


Blizzard announced the season tournaments to determine 16 finalists of the annual Hearthstone World Championship 2016. The total prize pool of the tournament will be $ 1 000 000.


Three Season Championships as well as Last Call Invitational will be held in each region to determine the invitees of the HSWC 2016. Each player will get points during the tournaments. The total points will be taken into account, when inviting players to the main even of the year. The prize pool of each season championship will be $ 100 000. 26 November the first tournament to give the points, namely DreamHack Winter 2015, begins. All UkraineNa`Vi Hearthstone players participate in it.


The format  of the winter season's matches will be a bit different from the conquest. A player announces 4 decks before a match, one deck being banned by his or her rival. Match format will be bo3. The points distribution will be rebalanced with top-place players getting fewer points and low-place players getting more points compared to the previous season.




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