European Championship groups announced!

The groups of the final stage of the Hearthstone European Championship to be held on 3-4 October in Prague have been announced. The eight best players who have passed the hard qualifiers will encounter each other in card competition. $ 25 000 is at stake. However obtaining money is not the main goal the players pursue, as the main prize is a paid trip to the World's Championship, which will be conducted in early November.
Two players of our team,  Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall and Denmark Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen, will represent Ukraine Natus Vincere at the tournament. Only International Nihilium enjoys the same representation of 2 players at this event: Netherlands ThijsNL, who is the top 1 in Europe in accordance to GosuGamers rating, and Germany Lifecoach.
Unfortunately, Ukraine Na`Vi wasn't lucky enough: both of our players have been put in the same group. Furthermore, our players will be in one group with the abovementioned Netherlands ThijsNL. The last participant of group А is Belgium Maverick from France Millenium. It was he who defeated the best CIS player Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento, in a decisive match.
The fight will be very hard and complicated. Only two players will get to the next stage, so Ostkaka and Hoej will need to do their best to get to the top. Let's hope, they'll manage to defeat these difficult rivals, to the great pleasure of Ukraine Na`Vi fans. Follow the successes of Denmark Hoej and Sweden Ostkaka and support them with your comments! The Championship of Europe is coming, don't miss it!

Prize pool:

top 1 place: Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL — $ 10 000 + trip to BlizzCon 2015

top 2 place: Ukraine Liquid.Neirea — $ 5 000 + trip to BlizzCon 2015

top 3top 4 places: Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka, Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach — $ 2 500 + trip to BlizzCon 2015 each

top 5-6 places: Russian Federation Empire.Pavel, Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej — $ 1 250 each

top 7-8 places: Belgium Millenium.Maverick, Italy pOwned.Gera89 — $ 1 250 each


Match format:

  • best of 5;
  • each player can use 3 decks, announced before the match;
  • having won with 1 deck, a player can't use it no more;
  • the first to win games with 3 decks wins the match.


Tournament format:

  • 8 participants, 2 groups (4 players in each);
  • two best players get to the play-off;
  • format of play-off is single-elimination.


Time (CET) Match Match Page


Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej [1:3] Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka Watch
OVER Italy pOwned.Gera89 [1:3] Russian Federation Empire.Pavel  
OVER Belgium Millenium.Maverick [1:3] Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL  
OVER Ukraine Liquid.Neirea [3:1] Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach  
OVER Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka [1:3] Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL Watch
OVER Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej [3:0] Belgium Millenium.Maverick Watch
OVER Russian Federation Empire.Pavel [2:3]  Ukraine Liquid.Neirea  
OVER Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach [3:2] Italy pOwned.Gera89  
OVER Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej [2:3] Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka Watch
OVER Russian Federation Empire.Pavel [1:3] Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach  
OVER Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka [1:3] Ukraine Liquid.Neirea Watch
OVER Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL [3:0] Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach  
OVER Ukraine Liquid.Neirea [1:3] Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL  

Group stage:

Group A
# Player Series Games
1. Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL #1 2–0 6–2
2. Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka #2 2–1 7–6
3. Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej 1–2 6–6
4. Belgium Millenium.Maverick 0–2 1–6
Group B
# Player Series Games
1. Ukraine Liquid.Neirea #1 2–0 6–3
2. Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach #2 2–1 7–6
3. Russian Federation Empire.Pavel 1–2 6–6
4. Italy pOw.Gera89 0–2 2–6


The Winner
3 Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL
3Netherlands ThijsNL
WinNetherlands ThijsNL
0 Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach
1 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
1Ukraine Neirea
3 Ukraine Liquid.Neirea




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