Cooperative mode in Hearthstone


This week Unite Against Mechazod begins in Tavern Brawl! The Tavern Brawlers will unite their efforts against a very powerful boss Gearmaster Mechazod. The players will fight against the bastard in pairs. Each player will get a pre-built deck, while the Mechazod will change the side of the board each turn. Only united efforts will enable you to defeat the technological beast. Be careful: if one of the players loses, both players are defeated. Anyway, you'll get you deck even if you lose the battle.


This small event is in its essence the emergence of cooperative mode in Hearthstone. The possibility of its introduction has been rumored since August 2015. Unite Against Mechazod might be a trial of the cooperative mode, which might be eventually added in the game by one of the upcoming updates.  For more details go to the game's official website.

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