Hearthstone: What to watch #2


Natus Vincere presents Hearthstone: What to watch #2! The article comprises the must-watch videos about Hearthstone. Recently, the League of Explorers adventure has been released. It provided many interesting cards and and combinations. Notwithstanding the plenty of cards, only few of them were used in rating matches. On the other hand not much time has passed since the release, so there's still a chance, the new cards will be incorporated to competitive Hearthstone.


We begin our article with funny videos. 89th episode of Epic Hearthstone Plays by Rage Orc features the true power of Djinni of Zephyrs in the hands of the Priest, the troubles, Summoning Stone might bring, when on board, and much more. By the way, players begin using Djinni of Zephyrs in competitive matches, e.g. it can be found in Ukraine Kolento's Paladin.



Trolden, who had begun creating episodes before the previous author, created 138 episode of Funny and Lucky Moments to much pleasure of fans. Learn more about Angry Chicken, which won in Legend, about stupid moves of AI in Hearhstone and annoying Murloc Knight.



A video titled Recombobulator Moments was released on Hearthstone SparkTV. The name speaks of itself: the video is devoted to Recombobulator. Notwithstanding low price (2 mana), the card can often change the course of the game, though it is almost never used in competitive Hearthstone.



As far as we know, that Blizzard has repeatedly stated it's against OTK (one-turn-kill) in Hearthstone and that's why it tries to get ride of the decks enabling to apply such strategy.. Rushin proved there's at least one OTK combo for every class. However... these combo destroy your hero, rather than your rival...



Next are the videos about the new cards of the adventure. A new legendary card Brann Bronzebeard is very interesting due to its interesting effect: Your Battlecries trigger twice. Since there's an enormous quantity of cards with Battlecries in Hearthstone, Brann can be widely used. Here's the record of KapnKrunch10's titanic work: 50 minutes long video features the work of Bronzebeard in combination with other cards.



If you don't want to watch such long video, but you still want to find out which decks should be used with Brann, we suggest paying attention to new version of Mill Rogue. Burning rival's cards and get him to fatigue has become easier! Wathc the record of stream by frietjeman.



The cooperation of new Paladin's secret Sacred Trial with Lord Jaraxxus. If the Warlock tries to play this card with 2 or more creatures, he'll lose the game.



This is the most interesting part of our story! HysteriA, who's very well known in the community, implemented his idea of one-turn-kill using Leper-gnome, Brann Bronzebeard and Unearthed Raptor. It looks amazing! The deck might look very impressive.



Bye the way, Unearthed Raptor is good at interacting with other Deathrattles:



This is it! The next article in the series will be published on 9 December! Leave your comment! Share videos, which you find worth the title of the best videos about our favorite game!

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