Heaven or Hell: The Drama Of The Ti5 Arcana


Every year the International Compendium comes with some challenges and prizes, but most importantly an arcana vote. You can vote for your favorite hero, or any hero for that matter, which you would like Valve to see releasing an arcana for.


Arcanas are considered to be the rarest items for any hero in the game. Currently Lina, Terrorblade, Phantom Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Techies, Legion Commander and Crystal Maiden have arcanas - with Phantom Assassin being last year’s compendium arcana vote winner. Invoker fell short by a few votes and got 2nd place.




This year, the votes have been reduced to Queen of Pain and Zeus, crossing over Juggernaut and Tiny. Personally, we think this is quite a hard choice - let’s have a quick brainstorm about which hero deserves it and for what reason. First and foremost, Zeus has an awful model - I’m sure we all can agree on that. Moreover, he also has zero cosmetic items. This makes him a very strong candidate for the arcana vote since Zeus is picked a lot in general these days.


On the other hand, we have Queen of Pain, another hero with a similar pick rate, but who already has 10 sets (including Na’Vi’s Bonds of Vincere set) and other items that give her great looking model a superior appearance. Although with Queen of Pain the possibilities for an arcana are quite great, we’re just not sure if she truly deserves it more than Zeus.



stats from datdota.com


Looking at professional games, we can notice a substantial increase in pick/ban rate for Queen of Pain, which was affected after the buff to her ultimate which does pure damage now. Zeus fell down somewhere in the middle but teams have started to pick him once again as they find him powerful with all the magical damage he can afflict in a short span of time. This makes us wonder, will the addition of an arcana affect his pick/ban rate much?


Moving on, let’s see what people have to say about the vote. A strawpoll conducted on Reddit has amassed over 12,983 votes (as of July 10th 20 CEST) - in which Zeus has 6700 votes (52%) and Queen of Pain has 6283 (48%). For a large number like this it’s still quite interesting to see both the heroes competing at a nearly equal level. That being said in the general community from the numbers we can see Zeus being closer to winning. A kind of campaign has also begun on social media with the hashtags #VoteQOP or #VoteZeus. In that respect a lot of artwork has also been shared to convince people to vote for their favorite hero.




Artwork from Reddit, credits below pictures


All in all, there are players favoring both sides of the coin - ones that are voting for Queen of Pain having a new set of wings and the others voting for Zeus, a greek God resembling a Mario-like character to have a better visual appearance. Regardless of the facts and stats, we’d like to reach out to you guys to let us know what you voted for, and why!

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#1 ua SLoN1ck 15 July 2015, 17:39
qop, she deserved this
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#2 jo HoLyYaMaTo 16 July 2015, 05:34
i want arcana for QoP and i want to see what the change will be
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