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Today we are going to take a look at the draft stats of the 5 most played heroes during this patch. Some heroes are instantly picked or banned in the first five drafts, but others can obtain a respectable win rate only by being strategically picked later on. Choosing the right phase in which to pick or ban a hero can be crucial for the outcome of the game, and learning the pro gamers’ preferences could prove useful also for our pub ranked games. Sometimes a hero can be so strong or advantageous in the current meta that it can be first picked with great results, even in competitive games. If you want to learn and abuse a hero to gain easy rank, choosing one of these could be the best option – like Leshrac in v6.84, for example. The draft stats in the table are divided into the 20 phases of Captain's Mode: the first 4 are bans, the next 4 are picks and so on.


Tusk Tusk

Tusk continues to be a popular hero also in this patch. Overall he “only” had a 48% pick+ban rate during the entire v6.84 patch, and he was almost an unknown hero before May, but then his popularity increased and in July we find him at the third position with a good 94%. Now, in v6.85,  he attained the second place with an 89% pick+ban rate. During all this time his win rate has never been exceptional and, except from a couple of months in which he achieved a respectable 60%, he almost always hovered around 50%. When first picked, he had a 50.6% win rate as Dire over 89 games and 41.7% as Radiant over 24 games – but overall the win rate and amount of picks on each side of the map is almost the same. Considering all the stats, he could be a good candidate for a surprise pick on Radiant or a solid 1st-2nd pick on Dire.


Dazzle Dazzle

Surprised? In a meta where early ganks and combats are an everyday thing, the hero that can save his teammates and prevent deaths quickly rose in popularity. During v6.85 Dazzle's draft rate increased from 50% to 70%, becoming the most picked support. Surprising his win rate remained quite stable and the increased number of picks only lowered it from 60% to 58%. It would be interesting to follow him in the next months to find out what his future may hold, but overall we don’t think that he could easily become a first ban material; there are more dangerous threats on the battlefield. He hasn’t been first picked often, so that data is almost irrelevant. His results are optimal on any side of the map.


Queen of Pain Queen of Pain

Since April, Queen of Pain's popularity is sky-high. She received a huge drop only during September, falling down to a 72.2% draft rate, but generally she continued to be a Tier 1 hero in the course of all these months. The reason behind her success is the versatility and early game power that she brings to the team. Also the pure damage inflicted by Sonic Wave lets her counter any Black King Bar’s user. Despite this, her win rate is low and below 50% most of the time. May has been her best month, with a 54.7% win rate, while August is the worst one, with 31%. During v6.85 she has never surpassed 50%. She obtained the worst first pick results on Radiant with a 37% win rate, while the best ones on Dire with 51.6% - but considering all the games, her win rate on Radiant is 1.7% higher.


Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend

Looking at the data, since December 2012 Shadow Fiend has been a very niche pick and his “best” period was from August to October 2013, when he reached a 22% pick+ban rate – until this year, when he imposed himself in the game. Overall we used to think of Shadow Fiend as a solid pick that can adapt to different situations and doesn’t require a high ban priority. In fact, until May the amount of picks has always been higher than the bans, but from June to now the situation is completely reversed - he is the 4th most banned hero of v6.85. Teams slowly started to realize that he can actually be a real threat, having 59% win rate with his low pick rate isn’t something easy to achieve. The next major will be an interesting place to test him more, and we are very curious to see if the same trend will continue or not.


Winter Wyvern Winter Wyvern

Finally, Winter Wyvern is another hero that is able to save many lives thanks to Cold Embrace, but her ultimate, Winter’s Curse, can also be a team fight changer and can be used as combo with many other abilities. Since her release, Winter Wyvern has been immediately picked in competitive games and has a 52% win rate. We think that she is a fine pick in this meta: the win rate is almost always average or below average while the amount of picks and bans coincides almost exactly. These three statistics are also practically the same regardless of the side of the map. In v6.85 you can never go wrong with a WW.


Credits: Datdota

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