Hero Tier List Early October 2015


With this tier hero list we can finally get a fair initial taste of 6.85 data with more than 300 drafts analyzed during the month. Of course, there is still a lot of room for variations and in just a couple of weeks the situation could change drastically. Some heroes already gained the spotlight, like Doom, whose buff to Scorched Earth increased his survivability and quality as an offlaner. He has a win rate of 61% but the teams prefer to ban him from the game rather than trying to develop a strategy to counter him. Doom is the most banned and least played tier 1 hero with 79 picks and 183 bans. We can also witness the rise of Night Stalker and Alchemist and finally the fall of some popular 6.84 heroes such as Gyrocopter and Lina. Both of those heroes have a negative win rate and are between tier 2 and 3. Leshrac and Storm Spirit also received a big hit dropping into tier 4 hell. Take a look at our tier list to know the situation of each hero.



*np= not picked

The draft and win rate statistics sometimes have a different number of games parsed. That is mainly caused by replayed matches, which are considered "all pick" games. It could lead to some “strange” win rates for some Tier 4 and 5 heroes. Finally, the matches of tournaments without a Dota ticket aren’t registered so we have no data on them.


CreditsDatdota, Deviantart

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#1 ua DisbandPLS 15 October 2015, 19:15
and what tier are navi today? think nearly tier5-6
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