Dota 2 heroes: Queen of Pain


As we all know, Dota is based on Warcraft III, and most of its heroes and their stories were borrowed from there.  Also, we know that the Blizzard universe takes its ideas from various interesting sources, such as mythology, folklore, sci-fi, fiction and a lot more. For instance, the book-artifact “Necronomicon” was named this way on purpose. It was featured in Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s works, and described as the book of the dead, written by crazy poet Abdul Alhazred. It was mentioned in various different stories as the mystical book that could awaken ancient powers capable of destroying our world.


Let’s continue talking about the Blizzard universe. It is a very unique product indeed that has been developed for many years, so the guys that created it are certainly worth praising. Every single hero has his own story, his own life way. The attention was paid to the smallest and most inconspicuous details. Such aspects make favorite games even more interesting, filling them with sense and making them feel even more real. Our articles will include lots of pictures, wallpapers, fan art and other inspiring things related to certain heroes. Apart from that, you’ll find the information about where the hero has come from and which skills he has and why. 



The time to talk about the main heroine of the article has come. The third episode of Heroes stories will be dedicated to the character that is often used in both professional and competitive Dota. This is the quick, agile, powerful and smart Queen of Pain — Akasha. Let’s read the description of this hero from DotA Allstars:


«Akasha is one of the many souls claimed by the blade, Frostmourne. Raised to serve the Lich King as a Banshee, she desired to become pure substance once more. Driving deep into the forests, she was able to subdue and possess a Succubus minion. Rightly bearing the title, Queen of Pain, she enjoys nothing more than inflicting massive damage on her foes, using both the poisonous strikes of her succubus host and the vicious howls retained from her Banshee nature. Akasha breaks her enemies' eardrums with torturing screams, some so loud they manifest into powerful waves that ripple across the lands, shattering all in their wake.»


This story proves that Akasha is a succubus. Succubus (latin: succuba paramour) is a demon from Medieval legends that could disguise herself in the shape of beautiful young women with membranous wings and clawed feet. She came to the young men in their dreams and first made them feel extremely happy but then caused their death. Succubi are sometimes compared with the vampires.  


Little wonder that such an interesting figure could not be avoided by Blizzard developers, who implemented Queen of Pain into Warcraft III. Her name was chosen because of one of the concepts of Hinduism — “akasha”, which means the basis and essence of all things in the material world, and includes all classical elements — earth, water, fire and air. The Queen of Pain is very popular among the cosplayers. Some of girls’ costumes are very beautifully made. 


Queen of Pain Cosplay


In Dota 2, our heroine is still the same half-naked dame with blue skin, but many new details were added to her story: «The Ecclesiast-King of Elze nursed a desire for pain--forbidden pain. In a less prominent political figure, such desires might be considered unwise, but in a monarch of his stature, to satisfy such thirsts would have threatened the virtue of the Divine Throne itself. Therefore he turned to his dungeon full of demonologists, promising freedom to whoever could summon a personal succubus of torment and bind it entirely to his service. The creature who arrived, visited upon him such exquisite torments that he named her his Secret Queen, and he began to spend all his spare moments submitting to her clever torments--eventually abdicating all his responsibilities in his pursuit of the painful pleasures that only she could bring.


Queen of Pain could bring him to the brink of death, but she was rune-bound to keep him alive. At last the King's neglect of state brought on an uprising. He was dragged from his chamber and hurled from the Tower of Invocations, and at the moment of death, Queen of Pain was let loose into the world, freed from servitude--freed to visit her sufferings on anyone she deigned to notice.». We can only guess how terrible that pain was. Anyway, we recommend you to take a look at those beautiful wallpapers.


Akasha wallpapers

According to statistics, Akasha is the 17th most popular hero that has a 47.45 % win rate. Her most commonly used artifacts are Power Treads, Aghanim’s Scepter. The best QoP player is ChinaIG. Burning, followed by UkraineVega.CeMaTheSlayeR.


The Queen of Pain’s prototype is used in many other games. Planscape: Tournament has the Lady of Pain (on the left), which resembles Akasha. She is described as a gigantic women dressed into sheer wide clothes. Her featureless face is surrounded by sharp blades, she flies high above the ground, protecting the rickety balance of the city of Sigil.


About one year ago, a new Blade Queen skin for the ice witch Lissandra was added to League of Legends (on the right). She also has a few common features with Akasha.



Hearthstone universe has a Mistress of Pain card (central picture), which also depicts Akasha in a usual for the game manner. Since the moment of QoP’s Dota Allstars debut, she has undergone lots of slight changes, connected with game balance.


The last considerable changes were concerned with heroine’s ultimate-skill: now she can deal pure damage and counter magic resistance of rivals. Apart from it, she got back her blink rage at all levels. Akasha has never faced any drastic gameplay changes.

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