ELEAGUE: The history of Counter-Strike

Nowadays, millions of players are engaged in one of the best team tactical shooters of all time: Counter-Strike. Originally it was born as a modification for Half Life, but Valve soon realized the magnitude of this project and acquired all the developers working on it. It was 2000, the success of CS increased over the years, and the brand expanded in multiple games, up to the actual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 
It is one of the games that contributed the most to the growth of Esports and the foundation of multiple teams, such as CISNatus Vincere G2A, born in December 2009. Some of the players from our first team are still working in the organization: UkraineIvan "Edward" Sukharev, in the active roster, UkraineSergey "starix" Ischuk, currently the coach, and UkraineArseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko, content creator for our youtube channel. 
2010 was a great year during which we won four major events and two premier ones: Intel Extreme Masters IV and ESWC 2010. The team continued scoring solid results and in the last two years we obtained the silver medal in three more premier events, and the first place in five more. Our last great success was ESL One: New York 2016, in October.
The following video, produced by ELEAGUE, is a small essay on the evolution of CS along the years. It features key elements of the game and some of the people that are behind its success, such as the co-creators CanadaMinh Le and United StatesJess Cliffe.
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