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Fearless weasels have always been helpful friends of Na`Vi, brining them a secret potion of bravery to the battlefield. Souls of fallen weasels turned into ravens and thus continued to serve faithfully to the team even after their death. Natus Vincere is very much obliged to their little helpers that have always supported our heroes in fierce battles.


Dear friends, are you may know, recently Natus Vincere together with Valve has released its official Dota 2 courier - Weaselcrow


Despite being available in Steam Workshop, right now you can also get it via our boards shop/auction, as well as read the exclusive interview with one of its creators, Art Director of image Na`Vi - image Sergey "Zoom" Popov where he tells how the concept was made and reveals its real meaning and philosophy.


imageHow did you come to the idea of choosing weasel and raven as couriers. Why did you choose these creatures?


Zoom: Hello, bro. I've got the idea to create Natus Vincere's own courier from ZeroGravity. I thought for a while and decided that weasel and raven would be a good characters. Weasel is brisk, lucky and fine beast, always positive, such a symbol of naughty child scout who can get everywhere, even into the most dangerous and hard-to-reach areas. Raven is a wise bird, strong and brave one. Who but raven can make distant journeys over the lands of fierce combats and battles? Both weasel and raven inhabit our latitudes, the territory of Slavs, which is very important for us. I wouldn't like to incarnate Na`Vi courier into bodies of some evil spirit or exotic monsters, I wanted to create our very own characters, sincere ones :)


Does the final courier completely fit your concept or many things were changed?


Zoom: The final variant doesn't completely fit my concepts but that would be impossible anyway. Technical and practical aspects of creation require following certain guidelines. That is why models are somewhat different. We made the raven blue to make it contrast compared to delicate textures of the map. Moreover it also created indepth meaning of the creature as a symbol of happines that helps to grasp the meaning of life, elements, animals. It has become somewhat "The Blue Bird" from the famous play by Maurice Maeterlinck. So the meaning was left untouched and even got new edges. The weasel is very touching, it makes you smile and prepares you for an enjoyable game from the every beginning, while raven is flying high looking forward to new adventures and achievements.


The courier is just released and some people say it has already become a lucky talisman of victory, do you know anything about that? :)


Zoom: I hope that all Dota 2 fans will like Na`Vi couriers and you will show your A-Game to your opponents and teammates. Luck comes to the ones who can feel and enjoy it, to kind and open-hearted people, so all you should do is just to pick an appropriate courier for yourself! GL HF!


Original concepts by Sergey Popov:











You purchase get the courier in Dota 2 Workshop for $11.99.





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