Na`Vi.HotS: The Birth of the Legend


Greetings to all the fans of HotS and to those, who will become one! Today we open a new column about the players, who are most likely to become the legends of Heroes of the Storm soon. The game is constantly growing to take one of the most perspective niches on the market of MOBA games. It "storms" in China and the US, where the game is extremely popular with 5 million of gamers playing HotS all over the world.


The importance of knowing history is the main reason we decided to write this article. We are now witnessing the birth of the future stars and the history of HotS formation and development. And those who were at the forefront of the Heroes of The Storm will forever remain in memory of the game's true fans.



28 December 2014 InternationalTeam Imperitum was created. Apart from BulgariaSplendour, Bulgariacilium and SwedenscHwimpi, there were 2 players in the team: BulgariaDreamschok and SwedenSmexystyle. For many of them playing in this team was the first professional eSports experience.  Having first shown good results, the guys disbanded soon afterwards. Some couldn't cope with the stress of the training process, while others craved for more. Notwithstanding that the team broke apart, the core players: BulgariaSplendour, Bulgariacilium и SwedenscHwimpi remained together and continued playing together, and later formed a new team.


Bulgaria Lachezar "cilium" Kochev:

"Imperitum was my first serious team in HotS. It was a priceless experience. I think we played quite well. However, Dreamshock couldn't deal with the stress and responsibility, and eventually we stopped cooperation".



Sweden Simon "ScHwimpi" Svensson:

"It made me more focused on going competitive. We did so well in Imperiutum. So even when we disbanded I was really motivated to continue".  



 Bulgaria Lyubomir "Splendour" Kozlovski:

"Imperitum was my first serious team in HotS. None of us had a lot of competitive experience yet. I didn't have any expectations and was pretty happy with how well we did in tournaments. Without Imperitum I wouldn't be in Na`Vi. It was there that I started learning about the flow of competitive HotS games and got to know many of the pro players".


Bulgaria Dreamshock:

"Team Imperitum gave me much knowledge and it sure had some good emotions. However, due to the pressure on me I decided to leave the team. As per moment I play LoL. I saw great potential in the guys."



After the disband of the team, the guys began searching for the new players in matchmaking. That's how they met SwedenBreez and Bulgariaethernal. It happened in the end of February. In March, the team began its series of the victories, having defeated such teams as International3DMAX, FranceMadCorps, SpainStigma, Russian FederationArthasStroitHram. However, SwedenscHwimpi became a replacement player, another player coming to play in the main squad — SwedenWubby. However, it didn't influence the perfomance of the team. The guys still defeated powerful rivals and took first places in the tournament. It seemed to go well, and all the players had to do was to train and win, but Internationalteam tomorrow big underwent a series of reshuffles. SwedenWubby decided to switch from from a player to a coachSwedenscHwimpi get back to the main squad. Soon afterwards, on 3 April, UkraineNatus Vincere announced its Heroes of The Storm squad with the players of Internationalteam tomorrow big. From that very moment a new period of the team history began.


Bulgaria Lachezar "cilium" Kochev:

"I really liked my time in team tomorrow big, it felt like a bunch of friends striving to make it to the top".


Bulgaria Aleksandar "ethernal" Milanov:

"In the beginning in Team tomorrow big we were 5 random people like 3 Bulgarian and 2 Swedes. I don't remember who got us together it was probably schwimpi and we won the very first tournament that we participated in, which was incredible on its own, because we didn't have any games together at all. And it started going only upwards from there. We were winning almost every tournament in Europe for a very long time. I guess we are all fortunate to have found each other!"


Sweden Jonathan "Wubby" Gunnarsson:

"After i was done studying I decided to take a year off to see if I got what it takes to become a pro gamer. So when heroes of the storm came out I wanted to give it my all. Being in team tomorrow big always felt like my last chance to pursue my dreams. For some reason i grew apart from playing competitive and didn't enjoy playing when I don't feel like it. But things I did like was drafting, teaching and spectating games or watch streams. So when we were close to getting sponsored I decided to step down as a player to make it easier for the team to replace someone. I was always close friends with all of the players so being able to go back and be their coach felt like something that fits me".



On 3 April UkraineNatus Vincere announced its new squad of Heroes of The Storm. Many fans thought it was a first April joke being late for 3 days, cause few people thought UkraineNa`Vi will pay attention to the discipline, taking into account that it's rather young. However, they were wrong: UkraineNa`Vi did decide to give it a try.


Ukraine Alexander "Zerogravity" Kohanovsky:

"We were watching the development of HotS for quite a long time. Blizzard always was able to astonish with its projects. We understood the game had a great potential. The main problem was to find a team, which would correspond to Na`Vi level. We had various options, but I'm sure we did the right choice!"


Ukraine Igor "Caff" Sidorenko:

"We were watching a new discipline developing for some time. We analyzed how interesting it was, which actions Blizzard took to promote it. One moment, cilium contacted us, offering to take their team under our wing. We didn't think for too long. Having talked to the guys, we understood they were the team we needed. They were young, ambitions and friendly".


Ukraine Andrew "Kimi" Kvasnevsky:

"It seemed that I had to regret that I'd been transfered to the position of manager of the HotS squad. However, I'm glad it happened so. Working with HotS squad is really cool. First, because this is a new game. Everything is created from scratch. You see it and participate in it. The players are aimed to work hard and communicate well. It is my honor to lead the guys to the battle. Each of them supplement the others. Now the team is growing fast. I am sure that they will defeat everyone, just like Natus Vincere".


Sweden Pontus "Breez" Sjogren:

Getting signed by Na`Vi was very unreal, i was never expecting partnering up with one of the biggest gaming organisations in the world. I have always been looking up to the big esport names in different teams, NaVi being one of them. Becoming one of those big esport names is definitely a dream coming true


Bulgaria Aleksandar "ethernal" Milanov:

"Getting picked up by Na`Vi was a breath of fresh air for all of us, because we were definitely one of the top team in EU in that time for such a long while and searching for an organization seemed impossible, so when we signed with Na`Vi we were all so happy that we could be a part of one of the biggest esport organization out there!"


The newly born "Born to Win" demonstrated their aspiration to win from the very beginning. They won at a series of small tournaments. They got to the top 3 of the first season of Enter The Storm #1. Many fans could see the potential in the discipline and the new players. The LAN tournament of Dreamhack Tours was the next important stage of the career of the team, the guys demonstrated great game getting to the final of the tournament easily.


Bulgaria Lachezar "cilium" Kochev:

"Dreamhack Tours was a really cool experience, I never went abroad before that and i enjoyed it a lot".


Bulgaria Aleksandar "ethernal" Milanov:

"I have played in a lot of offline tournamets in my country over the years but being able to participate in an international one was a first for me and I think for the whole team and being able to win it was just a great way to start off our "pro" run".


SwedenPontus "Breez" Sjogren:

"Dreamhack Tours was the first offline tournament i have ever played in, and it was very special for me. To be able to win my first offline tournament was just an insane feeling".


Unfortunately, following the triumph, the team has undergone the change: BulgariaLachezar "cilium" Kochev left the squad and was replaced by an ex-player of FranceMadCorps GamingFranceJerome “JayPL” Trinh. DreamHack Summer LAN-tournament will be their next test, as they'll challenge. 4 best European teams there. Let's hope our team will gain the title of the best team there! Support us! We are creating history now!


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