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Yesterday we released an official news on UkraineDanyl "Zeus" Teslenko joining the ranks of CISNatus Vincere G2A once again, alongside Russian FederationDenis "seized" Kostin, to complete the roster. Following the announcement, HLTV.org published an interview with Zeus, where they talked about the questions fans were eager to know: when did he make a decision to join his former team, how he is going to develop the play style within his team, and his future plans in CISNaVi. We have published some excerpts from the interview, while the full version can be found here.


Zeus, a long-time member of Natus Vincere, comes back again


— Let's start with the period just before the Major, when the rumors of you potentially joining CISNaVi began. Were you in talks with your old team at that point already?
— Hello, everyone. I kept contact with some players from the team for the whole time after I got kicked, but there was no talk from me regarding coming back. Before the Major, we had a tense atmosphere in the team, but I didn't think about moving to Na`Vi or any other team.
— Looking at CISNaVi this year, they have obviously not been able to replicate any of the success the team had before you left, what do you see as their biggest issue?
— CISNaVi had a few issues: Russian Federationseized's lack of experience as a captain, which was one of the main issues, an incorrect practice process, and, at some point, the players were confused in-game and did not know what to do.
— Do you expect to bring a different style to Na`Vi than how you used to play in that team in 2015-2016? How will you deal with the difference of Ukraines1mple versus SlovakiaGuardiaN?
— I think we'll have to do a lot of work to develop our game style. UkraineKane and I have a plan set and we will do our best, and the other players have good potential.
Seeing as this will be your first time playing with Ukraines1mple, do you at all worry about the reputation he has garnered?
Sometimes even players who are calm on first sight have indescribable problems. I'll find a way for Ukraines1mple, the main thing for me is his love for work and will to win.
— If there's anything else you'd like to clear up, or if you have any final message, you can do so here.
First I want to say, so that my fans know, when I left with UkraineKane, I wasn't 100% sure I would go to CISNaVi, I thought for a while about going to pro100 and help the young guys. I also thought about retiring as a player. But in the end, I decided to keep playing. And the only good opportunity for me can only be given by CISNaVi, where I see potential in the players and an organization that needs someone like me.
Many people will ask how I could return to a team that kicked me. Well, first of all, you must understand that for me, this is work and I must look at the professionalism and work relationship. Personal actions should be left to the individuals' conscience. We already closed this issue with the guys. A new story lies ahead.


The full interview is available on hltv.org website.

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