Hoej and Ostkaka pass qualifiers


The European qualifiers of Road to BlizzCon are over. Three Hearthstone players of Ukraine Natus Vincere participated in it, two of them - Denmark Hoej and Sweden Ostkaka - managed to get the slots in the LAN-final to be held in Prague in order to fight over the opportunity to participate in the world championship. The rival of Denmark Hoej was a player of Russian Federation Team Empire - Russian Federation PavelSweden Ostkaka encontered Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento.


The beginning of the first matchday wasn't successful for Denmark Frederic "Hoej" Nilsen. Similar to the previous encounter with Russian Federation Pavel at ONOG Summer Circuit Finals, he couldn't defeat this rival. It seems that the Russian is most uncomfortable player for Denmark Hoej, since the Dane loses the matches to him. The resulting score of this match was 0:3 and getting to play-off. 


After a short break Denmark Hoej entered the card battle once again to encounter Spain Wandal. There was no right to mistake, since the slot in Prague's final was at stake. However, the game was successful. Denmark Hoej felt free in this match, while his rival seemed to have no chance to win. It took only 3 games for Hoej to win the best of 5 series. He's going to Prague! 



Next was the match of Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall against one of the most powerful Hearthstone players in the world — Ukraine Kolento. The Russian-speaking stream of this match acquired enormous audience. Many viewers considered this was the match of the equally powerful rivals, though Kolento was a sure favourite.

To much surprise of many fans, Sweden Ostkaka won 3:0. It's important to point out that the victory can be credited to outstanding luck of our player. He would often get the best card of any possible. However, it was Sweden Ostkaka, who took most advantage of his look. The casters would often not be able to explain the move of Sebastian and later be astonished how reasonable the move actually was. After such defeat, Ukraine Kolento didn't manage to recover. He lost 2:3 to Belgium Mill.Maverick in losers brackets. Unfortunately we won't see him in the final.



Therefore 2 players will represent Ukraine Natus Vincere at European finals of Road to BlizzCon. Let's hope they'd achieve success and get to the world's finals in the US!

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