Hot DotA 2 action tonight!

It's a fierce winter that came to Ukraine and Russia and it's not likely someone will go out tonight. But that's good because today we can see TWO matches by?image?Natus Vincere DOTA 2 team! Starting at?18:00 CET?our guys will face?image?Dignitas to get a revenge for that loss at the Infused Cup and right after?the Danes from?image?DeeDee (ex-SK) will try to stop Na`Vi at The Premier League. Stay with us, it's gonna be hot!

The Defense (second groupstage):

imageNa`Vi [1:0] imageDignitas - 18:00 CET

This is a last match in the groupstage that decides the 2nd place in the group. While both teams have already secured themselves a spot in the playoff, the winner of this match will go to the playoff winner bracket while loser will have to start from the lower bracket.

The Premier League:

imageNa`Vi [2:0] imageDeeDeee - 19:00 CET

This is a round 4 TPL match (6 to go in the regular season) and we're facing a decent opponent that gave us a spectacular and hard-won match in Paris, France, last autumn at ESWC. Combined with bo2 format, we're going to see two intense matches so let's support our team -?DAVI, NA`VI!

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