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Straight after the grand final of the American regional qualifiers to Heroes of the Storm World Championship Road to BlizzCon ended, 2 game devas of HotS, Matthew Cooper and Hugh Shelton, talked to fans and shared information about the future development of the game.


The first question was about Rexxar. There's no secret that Horde champion lacks both popularity among the player and high winrate. To much surprise of the community, the developers said they weren't going to change the hero:


"We have to think about keeping stuff open for the future. Traps is actually one of those places where, if we want to add another hunter down the road, that's a way of differentiating them from Rexxar and Misha. As far as Rexxar having less to do when Misha's out, it's definitely intended. It's something we're happy with right now. We don't have any immediate plans to adjust that gameplay. You should care if Misha dies. She's important for Rexxar."


Next was the question about meta. As per moment, popular heroes pool is very limited, some of them being picked in every game. Matthew said they knew about the problem and would soon nerf the most popular heroes:


"We'd love to have more diversity. The meta versus top hero picks is a little bit different. Obviously, Kael and Leoric, those kind of characters, if they're picked all the time and they have high win rates, we'll nerf them, change them around, buff up some other characters, stuff like that. But the meta, it does change and it is different from region to region. Like in Korea, two or three warriors is pretty common and you don't see that as much in North America. I think meta-wise, I'm reasonably happy with how the meta has shaped up, but yeah, we'll definitely hit a lot of the top heroes you see all the time."



Same problems were reported to them considering the battlegrounds. The developers are planning to change this problem by the introduction of new maps and their rotation:


"I think we're already maybe at the point where we have so many maps that we probably have to talk about doing a map rotation. When we're doing new maps right now, we do shrink the rotation for a week, so players can actually experience the new map. I'm not too worried about that, I think we can easily cycle out maps and cycle them back in during a different season. I think it's kind of interesting having the pros have to learn different strategies because they play on so many maps, even if you don't always see those maps being played."


Fans also asked about the new hero Artanis from StarCraft Universe to be added soon. It seems that the development of the hero is in its final stage. Furthermore the Stitch, who suffers unpopularity, was also mentioned in the conversation:


"By this point, a character that is that close to release is done. We've been done with a character like that for a while now. We've said a couple of things about him, about how he is an aggressive warrior that will be in the middle of a fight. He's a StarCraft warrior! I wish I could tell you everything about him...Stitches was a top warrior for a very long time, a top pick, really. It was a couple of patches we nerfed him and we probably took it too far. We kind of wanted to bring him down a little bit. We weren't happy that Stitches was first pick every game. I've talked to some of the pro players a little bit. Our next patch has quite a few different warrior changes going in, so Stitches is getting some buffs."

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