Heroes of the Storm: New patch


This night's HotS update brought a few interesting changes to the game. The full list, apart from a new battleground and hero, includes numerous balance improvements, game interface modification and various bug fixes. 9 new portrait rewards were added for 10 level of some heroes. Additionally, the in-game shop was filled with new goods and a few back-in-stock ones.


In general, all implemented balance improvements are concerned with heroes and their talents. The battlegrounds, in their turn, are left with almost no changes. Only Webweavers and their minions on Tomb of the Spider Queen battleground have got a 50 % damage and health scaling increase starting from the 15 minute of the game. The talents section, on the other hand, underwent a bit more changes, the most important out of which is a merge of two talents — “Superiority talent” and “Mercenary Lord” — into one. 



As for the heroes, assassins Kerrigan, Kael’Thas, who is a very powerful mage now, and Raynor, whose win-rate has been extremely low until this update, became more flexible and overall more powerful. A specialist Azmodan gained more strength in early-game, while Nazeebo is now less dependent on mana. Support heroes remain almost the same, with only Tassadar becoming more dangerous, yet a bit more fragile. Leoric from Warriors section became less resilient and worse at pushing.


Further information can be found on оfficial website of the game.

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