HotS: Best Videos of the Week #1


We present the new series of articles Heroes of the Storm Videos Weekly. The series will contain the most interesting videos about Nexus heroes, teams, tournaments and players. Watch highlights of the recent tournaments, in which out team participated, the review of new battlefield and funny tale about Nazeebo in today's episode.


Unfortunately, our players couldn't repeat the success of Road to BlizzCon July Open at August Open and didn't take first place. However they showed remarkable performance. The Born to Win destroyed the almost all the heroes of the rival team straight in the enemy's base in a match against International Mazzarella


Na`Vi vs Mazzarella: Very Well Played @ Europe Open #2


Here's another highlight from Road to BlizzCon August Open. International Natus Vincere made a number af beautiful kills in the game against International MYM. Our team was losing and the kills helped us to change the course of the battle.


Na`Vi vs MYM: Epic Comeback @ Europe Open #2


Killing 5 enemy heroes at once is hard. Making it twice in the game is fantastic. However, our players easily did it in a match against Russian Federation


Na`Vi vs VirtusPro: Double Team Wipe @ Europe Open #2


Have no mercy and leave no chance to your rival — that's how International Natus Vincere defeated Germany Team Kinguin in the Spider Queen's tomb!


Na`Vi vs Kinguin: No Chance @ Enter the Storm #3


Dustin Brawder introduced the new battlefield in Nexus — "Infernal Shrines". This is a map from Diablo III. The eternal conflict came to Nexus from the Sanctuary. Note: though the video has russian inscription, it is actually in English.


Heroes of the Storm: review of Infernal shrines


There are moments in the game, when you can't fully understand what's going on or don't really get the logic of the players. However, sometimes you're simply astonished, asking: "WTF?!". That's exactly about the moments in this video.


Heroes of The Storm WTF Moments Ep.12


Five best moments, which happened in an ordinary matchmaking. See the astounding mind games, accomplished performance and balance on the verge.


Top 5 Plays in Heroes of the Storm Ep. 25


"How can Nazeebo, a powerful witch doctor, win by means of frogs and spiders?" asked those who didn't play Diablo III. Seems the guys from CarbotAnimations had the same questions. They recently presented a funny video with their own vision of a hero. 


HeroStorm Ep 4 Nazeebro

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