HotS: Week's best videos #2


We prepared a couple of highlights from the recent matches of our team, the review of the peculiarities of the new hero and a couple of funny videos for the second episode of Heroes of the Storm: WEEKLY.


First, watch the exceptional mastership of our player — Ethernal. This is a true master class for those, who want to learn how to escape the troubles in HotS. Playing on Zagara, he managed to outsmart a couple of enemies and escape death. 


HotS Juke: How to escape on Zagara by Ethernal


Do you still think that Sonya and Raynor are useless heroes? Seems, that you're mistaken. Our players conducted a marvellous battles against ALTERNATE on these heroes.


Na`Vi vs Team ALTERNATE: Good fight for Na`Vi @ StormGrounds September invitational


What can be better than a fight on a boss? Only the total vanish of the rival. Combining the two is perfect! Watch our players doing it at Enter the Storm # 3.


Na`Vi vs Team ALTERNATE: Fight for the Boss 3.0 @ Enter the Storm # 3


Horde's champion Rexxar recently joined the mighty heroes at Nexus. If you haven't played the hero yet, watch the overview movie about the master of the animals.


Rexxar Spotlight — Heroes of the Storm


What do we need? Madness! What do we need more? More madness! The following video lacks it all: logic, common sense and a game based on the rational mind... fun is what it doesn't lack!


Heroes of The Storm WTF Moments Ep.13


The 5 highlights of the past week. Accomplished performance of tactical tricks and splendid fights, commented by Khaldor.


Top-5 Plays in Heroes of the Storm | Ep. 26


And the last, but not the least is the collection of epic moments.

Heroes of the Storm: Epic Plays Of The Week — Episode # 45

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