HotS: Best videos of the week #3


Heroes of the Storm: WEEKLY #3 won't have any highlights from our players, who are currently training hard at bootcamp in Kyiv. However, we've found many other exciting videos to entertain you!


As we've mentioned before, our players are preparing to the European finals of HWC — Road to BlizzCon. Still they find time for their fans. scHwimpi decided to play on Tyrande and provide comprehensive commentary to the game.


Tyrande live commentary by scHwimpi


Soon the hero pool of our favorite game will be enlarged by the introduction of Medic on the main server. This lovely lady comes from StarCraft Universe. Her name is Lieutenant Morales and her abilities are described in the video below.


Medic Hero Preview


The leader of protoss - Artanis will follow Lt. Morales via Nexus portal. Watch the review of the hero:


Artanis Hero Preview - Heroes of the Storm


This is the seventeenth collection of the craziest and the most awkward moments in Nexus.


Heroes of The Storm WTF Moments Ep.17


Epic fights, funny fails and mere chances in new episode of Epic Plays.


Heroes of the Storm: Epic Plays Of The Week - Episode #48


Top 5 brightest moments in public games of the past 2 weeks. 


Heroes of the Storm Hottest Top 5 Plays of the Week #47

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