HotS videos weekly #7


The new release of HotS Videos Weekly is ready! Watch the highlights of the matches of the Born to Win, a new video by CarbotAnimations and a collection of the best moments of public games.



Flawless Falstad by Zarmony and eventual annihilation of the rival in a match against Kiev6-1.



In hard situation, Natus Vincere made risky, but right decision to all-in push. 



Attacking a boss is dangerous adventure, and Na`Vi had to explain that to their enemy.



If HotS had manuals, this flawless team fight in the Tomb of the Spider Queen would definitely be there.



This is one more example of a great team play by our players.



The creators of CarbotAnimations have presented a new video to the community. It features bad supports.



The new episode of Heroes of The Storm WTF Moments is full of fun and madness, as always.

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