How to cover a defuse sound


Ninja Defuse is a standard tactic known to all CS:GO players: it simply consists of sneaking into the bomb area and defusing the bomb without being noticed by the enemy team. It works better if the ninja is already hidden in the area and starts deactivating as soon as the bomb is planted, because most players won’t immediately look for ninjas but will focus their attention on searching for oncoming enemies. The lower fewer enemies left, the easier it will be to execute this tactic successfully. 
Usually a smoke grenade is utilized to hide your movements, while a flashbang can cover the sound of the defuse. There are situations in which you won’t always have a spare flash, but there are different ways to achieve the same result. In this video, Dinoswarleaf tested different methods to cover the sound, alone or with the help of your teammates. Of course, the flashbang and the smoke are the most effective, while the explosive and incendiary grenades can fully cover the sound only if they land near the enemy that is listening. If you have a friend, he can blindly shoot to produce noise, but not all weapons will be as effective as others. In the video, he tested all the weapons and created a list split in different columns and colours depending on the kind of weapon and its effectiveness, which you can find at exactly 3:27. 
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