Xixo is invited to Hs-Arena


The final part of Hs-Arena will be held on 23-25 October, with 32 players from all over the world fighting over $ 5 000. Ukraine Natus Vincere will be represented by Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert, who was invited to the tournament. 


Apart from our player 24 players were invited to the tournament and 8 people passed qualifiers to get there. Here's the full list of participants:



  • GermanyNa’Vi Xixo
  • SwedenLiquid Sjow
  • UkraineLiquid Neirea
  • RomaniaG2 RDU
  • SwedenSK Spo
  • SwedenSK MartinCreek
  • SwedenSK Freakeh
  • GermanyC9 Ekop
  • United StatesC9 Strifeco
  • United StatesC9 Wolfssan
  • PortugalLuminosity Ignite
  • SwedenML Powder
  • GermanyTempo Gaara
  • ChinaTempo Eloise
  • SpainMethod Pini
  • SwedenArchon Orange
  • United StatesArchon Zalae
  • GermanyComplexity SuperJJ
  • United KingdomLondon Conspiracy Raven
  • GermanyF2K Theude
  • United KingdomF2K Cipher
  • GermanyMrYagut
  • SwedenSchismatron
  • DenmarkNugiyen


  • Italy Sigmaquadro
  • Germany EURONICS GAMING.Twobiers
  • Russian Federation Xin
  • Ukraine Deadundead
  • Russian Federation DTolm
  • Russian Federation RainbowGod
  • Germany LuckshotGG
  • Germany PSG e.V. Beyond


The games will be streamed at twitch.tv/hs_arena, cast by United Kingdom Callum Leslie, United Kingdom Simon "Sottle" Welch and United States James "Firebat" Kostesich.


Source: www.liquidhearth.com.

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