HS-ARENA: Xixo is a champion!


Yesterday, late in night HS-ARENA Grand Opening Invitational was over. Thirty two players participated in it. Ukraine Na`Vi was represented by Germany Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert at the event. The tournament consisted of 2 group stages and a play off. The prize pool was $ 5 000. The challenge was hard, as apart from Xixo there were many powerful players: Romania Gamers2.RDU,  United States Cloud9.StrifeCroChina TS.EloiseUkraine Liquid`Neirea and others.


The first group stage

# Player Series Games
1. Germany Na`Vi.Xixo #1 2–0 6–1
2. Sweden Darkstar.Schismatron #2 2–1 6–6
3. Portugal LG.Ignite 1–2 6–8
4. International Beyond 0–2 3–6

Sebastian began his performance very confidently and managed to overcome the first group stage without problems. First he defeated Sweden Darkstar.Schismatron 3:0, then Portugal LG.Ignite 3:1. By the way the Portuguese didn't manage to recover from the defeat and had to leave the tournament.

The second group stage

# Player Series Games
1. China TS.Eloise #1 2–0 6–1
2. Germany Na`Vi.Xixo #2 2–1 7–5
3. Sweden SK.Freakeh 1–2 4–7
4. International Deadundead 0–2 2–6

On the next day, Germany Xixo was to fight in the second group stage. His first opponent was Sweden SK.Freakeh, who isn't a well-known player. It seemed Germany Xixo was an obvious favourite of the match. However, Sweden Freakeh managed to defeat our player 3:1. Sebastian was one step away from leaving the tournament, however, he managed to defeat International Deadundead (3:1). Once again he competed Sweden Freakeh and managed to revenge.

Play off

2Germany MrYagut
0United States Zalae
4Germany Xixo
WinGermany Xixo
3United States Archon.Zalae
1Romania Gamers2.RDU
3Germany Xixo
3Germany Na`Vi.Xixo
3China TS.Eloise
1China TS.Eloise
2Germany TwoBiers
0Ukraine Liquid`Neirea
1United States Cloud9.StrifeCro
3Germany TwoBiers
3Germany EURO.TwoBiers


The final match was held on 25 October. Most participants, who had made it to this stage, were well-known players. It was expected that this stage would be very difficult for Germany Xixo. However, in reality, Sebasitan easily defeated all his opponents in a fight over the champion's title. In grand final Germany Xixo defeated another German Germany EURO.TwoBiers, 4:1 and took first place.


This isn't the first victory of Xixo this month. Let's hope, he'll continue pleasing us with his achievements!


Comments by Germany Sebastian "Na`Vi.Xixo" Bentert:
«The tournament consisted of 32 players, so I knew my chances to win were rather slim. But having in mind this could be my 5th consecutive invitational win in a row I was really motivated regardless. My patron warrior went 8-2 over the course of the tournament and got banned in most of the matches, so I'm happy I could prove the dead isn't dead. I hope I could satisfy all of my and Na'Vi's fans and promise to try my best to keep the streak going. Keep cheering!»


Decks of Na`Vi.Xixo:


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