ХВОСТ for an hour!

Your team isn’t playing? You get only low-skilled players or, vice versa, only tryhards in MMR? Life has become boring and uninteresting? Enough is enough! Sign up as a stand-in for any of the CIS teams, meet your enemies and defeat them! In brief, become XBOCT! For the past two days Alexander played a sub for three teams, read more to find out what came out of it.  


All of this began last Saturday when, while peacefully streaming his games, Alexander received an unexpected invitation from Next.Kz to play for them in Joindota league against the Power Rangers. Here we must digress a bit and say that Alexander, substituting for Kazakhs’ solo-mid, took upon himself the carry role, resulting in the deportation of Next.kz’s regular carry to the hard-lane.    


That match marked the beginning of a three game broadcasting marathon by XBOCT in “what do gamers say” mode which was greatly appreciated by all the schoolboys and other representatives of similar aesthetic brotherhoods. The element of surprise worked like magic, and the first game was a piece of cake for Next.Kz, while XBOCT galloped around on Luna. By the start of the second game, it seemed that PR had recovered from their initial shock, or maybe it was Doom who didn’t fare as well as Luna did, anyways, Kazakhs didn’t manage to make it 2-0 and the match score settled at a 1-1 draw (bo2 matches by league rules)   


Alexander had decided that he shouldn’t stop there and on Monday he continued his stand-in crusade. This time he appeared for Relax in a match against Virtus.pro and, oddly enough, for Power Rangers in their meeting with the Empire. So, here’s what happened:


It all began with a match he appeared in for the team of fan-favorite Dread – Relax, where XBOCT wasn’t the only shining substitution, you could even say that the “chief cheater” of eSport in the CIS – Alexey (Solo) Berezin – outshined Alexander with his play, but since you are on the website of Natus Vincere, we will agree with Virtus.pro’s news website opinion (russian only) that yesterday XBOCT was the best of the best (с) MIB. Meanwhile, it wasn’t the play of stand-ins or teams that became the highlight of the match, it was the team-chat of Relax, here’s a small fragment of yesterday’s extravaganza:


- What if I jump them like a complete retard? (XBOST)

- Yeah, let’s all jump them like total retards, they won’t expect that! (SOLO)


Also, in the third and final match of the set, Alexander and team figuratively and literally saddled the bear and ended the match in less than twenty minutes! If you by some strange coincidence had more interesting things to do yesterday than watching that match, we suggest watching the replay, it’s worth it. Meanwhile, Relax, playing with two subs, has stopped the winning streak of Virtus.pro, which didn’t go unnoticed by the captain of the team which only lacks a bit more teamplay: 

Translation: he does a better job as a stand-in than playing for Na'Vi

The last victim of “a man for an hour” was team Empire that lost 2-0 to Power Rangers. Many felt perplexed about XBOCT having played for two teams already, which participated in the CIS Carnage tournament, and now everyone is asking themselves, if PR and Relax meet each other – which team will Alexander be loyal to?  


Mindful of an increased interest to these games, Natus Vincere management prepares a special offer for teams that don’t manage to…gather their full roster for a match: take two Na’Vi players as stand-ins and get the manager’s cat as a gift! 


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