Na`Vi's first match at World Championship


The most important tournament of this year for our Heroes of the Storm squad begins today. The first match can influence the course of the whole performance, thus the players need to put maximum efforts and win.



02:00 CET

HWC — Global Finals

Best of 3


 Jerome "JayPL" Trinh France
 Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup Denmark
 Simon "ScHwimpi" Svensson Sweden
 ALeksandar "ethernal" Milanov Bulgaria
 Lyubomir "Splendour" Kozlovski Bulgaria


China Ma "Exia" Chi 
China Lv "Lucien" Wenbo 
China Yang "Tresor" Shuoyu                           
China Chang "Bao" Qi
China Fang "Sa" Zhan



The first rival of the Born to Win is China Brave Heart. This team got to the tournament by chance. The winner of Chinese qualifiers eStar Gaming couldn't solve visa problems, so the organizers were to invite the team which took third place. To get to the next stage, our players need to win 2 matches, and the game against Brave Heart is the chance to win the first scores. 




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