Week with HyperX: Slogan Contest



Update: Winners are deciced!


Dear Friends! “Week with HyperX” goes on! We are happy to announce the “Slogan Contest”. Each of you can participate! First, we are going to tell you about the prizes which are already available and which can be added to the prize pool. So:


Meet our prize pool:

Prize # 1: HyperX Fury Set 2x8GB

Prize # 2: HyperX Fury Set 2x8GB

Prize # 3: HyperX Fury Set 2x4GB



And now it's time to speak about the terms of the contest, which are obligatory for all the participants.


Contest Terms:

Step one: Follow HyperX page on Facebook: facebook.com/hyperxcommunity

Step two: Create the slogan containing words “Na’Vi” and “HyperX”.

Step three: Write your slogan in the comment to this news.



- The quantity of slogans submitted by one person is unlimited.

- The contest will be held till 22 July. The results will be announced on 25 July.

- Slogan shall not violate copyright. In other words you must be the author of your slogan.

- The prize will be sent to the winner at the expense of Natus Vincere.

- In case the announced items are not available at stock due to their sale, we will send the similar item. But such situation is unlikely : )



altshep123 - HyperX Fury Set 2x8GB
RonishSawal - HyperX Fury Set 2x8GB
lightofuae - HyperX Fury Set 2x4GB
lukasb6 - Na`Vi Casual T-shirt
Slogans of the winners:
In the case HyperX, on the stage Na'Vi wrecks.
"Na'Vi, Go Play your BEST, Keep Calm because you're Powered by HyperX."
HyperX is a path, Na'Vi is the lead - combined they lead victoriously. 
Great Products Comes with a Great Team. Na'Vi with HyperX shared the same Dream!
P.S. All winners will recieve the message in next few days.
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