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Ice Bucket Challenge has become increasingly popular worldwide. Icy water has spilt over the bodies of Hollywood stars, top management of IT corporations and now it's time for the e-sportsman to get some cold. Read the news to find out how Natus Vincere's mighty tankers, Kirilloid and Sl1De took up the frozen challenge of Wargaming.


The goal of this charity flashmob is to attract public attention to Lou Gehrig's disease. Unfortunately, some representatives of our community have already vulgarized this idea. Some people do not understand the true meaning of Ice Bucket challenge considering it as a "Will you dare?" entertainment.

Natus Vincere asks you to remember the origin of this flashmob. We remind you that you can donate money to the ALS Association here: www.alsa.org.






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#1 id qunip 8 September 2014, 22:09
haha coolest one
respect to other
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#2 ph edrilordz 9 September 2014, 09:19
ahaha... nice ^_^
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