«CS Classics»: IEM5 World Championship 2011


Our today’s episode will remind you about a great IEM5 World Championship 2011 tournament. Unfortunately, it was the last time UkraineNa`Vi conquered a title of the world CS 1.6 champions. All the following competitions left them one step away from the desirable golden medal. IEM5 turned out to be very exciting not only because of the great plays of Ukrainian five, but also because of "The Imperial March" played while they were coming out on stage before the grand-final match against PolandFrag eXecutors



Our guys were seeded into quite a difficult group B that featured such great teams as Swedenfnatic, SwedenSK Gaming, SwedenLions, United StatesEvil Geniuses, as well as the less experienced team Korea, Republic ofredCore from Korea.


The first game of the Born to Win was played against the North American team United StatesEG. As expected, they were unable to shake UkraineNa`Vi's confidence and lost to them on de_inferno with a 10:16 score. The next rivals on our way were SwedenLions. The last few matches between those two teams had shown that the Lions presented quite a diffiult challenge for UkraineNatus Vincere. Once again, our team was defeated 9:16 on de_tuscan


The third game against the Korean teamKorea, Republic ofredCore went exactly as many predicted. Korean gamers couldn’t do anything against the reigning champions of the world and lost with a 8:16 score on de_dust2. The match against SwedenSK Gaming on de_train was played next. Even though both teams wanted to take a victory very badly, the game ended with a 15:15 score, and the winner wasn’t determined. After this match, UkraineNa`Vi players had to tie the game against quite tough opponents from Swedenfnatic in order to move on to the next stage, and the task was successfully accomplished. The Born to Win defeated the Swedes with a convincing 16:9 score and advanced to the quarter-finals from second place in the group, being one point behind SwedenSK.



In quarterfinals, UkraineNa`Vi had to encounter rivals from Brazilcomplexity. Brazilian team outplayed Russian FederationMoscow Five, DenmarkmTw, TaiwanUMX on their way to playoffs. Thanks to those three victories, they moved on to the next stage, and left Russian FederationM5, TaiwanUMX и DenmarkTSM behind. However, Ukrainian players from UkraineNa`Vi stopped their win-streak and came out on top. Having lost de_dust2 and de_train 10:16 and 5:16 respectively, Brazilian players secured 5–8 place and were eliminated from the tournament. 


In semifinals, UkraineNatus Vincere had to play against their long term rivals from Denmark — DenmarkmTw. The last few tournaments played by the Danes hadn’t brought very successful results, but this time they have managed to show some decent plays. Nevertheless, the Born to Win have taken a win in this intense fight (2:1), losing on de_inferno, one of their best maps. (12:16, 16:11, 12:16).



The final match between UkraineNatus Vincere and PolandFrag eXecutors promised to be extremely spectacular, since it was a clash between two strongest and most stable teams of that time. On the first map, de_train, both lineups have shown an incredible level of playing, but the best one came out on top. In an even fight, UkraineNatus Vincere have managed to grab a 16:12 win. The second map played decided everything: de_dust2 ended with a 16:10 score in favor of our guys, and they won another great title!


You must agree that it always feels good to look back and recall such legendary events. Unfortunately, many teams failed to survive the transition to CS:GO and above mentioned  PolandFrag eXecutors were among them. Three players — Polandpasha, PolandNeo and PolandTaZ are still playing the game, while PolandKuben is trying himself as a coach, and PolandLoord plays together with young and talented Polish players. 



We highly recommend you to watch the matches of IEM5 World Championship again:





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