IEM match vs n!faculty is replay,officia

It was just a week ago when our Counter-Strike team won the match versus  image n!faculty at image Intel Extreme Masters 5. While the final score was 2 to 0 for Na`Vi, German team decided to issue a protest because of incorrect anti-cheat files uploaded by Ukrainian team. After considering the protest, IEM admins decided that the match should be replayed. The game will be played today on November, 17th!

Natus Vincere CEOimage Aleksander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy comments on the issue:

"Team n!faculty issued a protest because of a number of violations made by Na`Vi. There were some violations indeed and I don't want to go into details. We spoke to German organization and asked them to meet our needs but as you can see that did not happen. POV-demo from Kiev CyberSport Arena with large audience witnessing the match did not influence the desicion of German team to void the protest and the match will be replayed on November, 17th at 22:00 СЕТ. n!faculty were eager to get a re-match rather than doing real conclusions from CyberArena VOD. I consider this as unsportsmanlike behavior and unfortunately this issue will influence the relationship of our organizations. I hope that the teams will be more tolerant towards each other during official matches."

Match is over




n!faculty line-up:

image chrizzo
image d0m AZ
image gerdi
image ODIE
image shiddy

[09:16] de_inferno (09:06, 00:10)
[07:16] de_nuke (05:10, 02:06)

Na`Vi line-up:

image Zeus
image Markeloff
image Starix
image ceh9
image Edward

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User Deleted
#1 17 November 2010, 18:09
n!faculty sore losers.
User Deleted
#2 17 November 2010, 19:52
User Deleted
#3 17 November 2010, 23:27
goodjob brothers!
User Deleted
#4 19 November 2010, 14:26
Sorry, but you are one of the best teams (the best team) of the world and you are not able to stick to the rules? It was not only one rule you broke and that is why I can understand that n!faculty opened a protest ticket.

btw: perhaps you all should know that NaVi broke again the rules at this rematch (playing with wrong steam id and with net_graph 3 again). The best team of the worl is not able to change the settings as the rules say? This is really sad...Although n!faculty could make a 2nd protest which would have resulted in a 2nd rematch, the German team said no to another protest and accepted the loss.

If you ask me, this is real sportsmanship. My apply to both teams: Please thing again about your relationship!
User Deleted
#5 19 November 2010, 15:40
rules are rules

your fault
User Deleted
#6 19 November 2010, 15:43
since zeus seem to not understand that playing with net_graph 3 is not allowed you will get a another rematch or penalty points

seriously... learn the rules if you want teh monez
User Deleted
#7 19 November 2010, 18:42
Guys, be patient :) after weekend we will post official statement regarding this one.
User Deleted
#8 19 November 2010, 19:04
So you you call the unsportsmanlike because they are sticking to the rules... how pathetic.
User Deleted
#9 19 November 2010, 19:53
unsportsmanlike? they just played the rules... net_graph 3 applies a game included wallhack... thats why it is forbidden... of course they want a rematch if a player uses it... i also think more far... why is navi NOT gettinh a default loss after using net_graph 3 in the rematch again? i absolutely cant understand that!
User Deleted
#10 21 November 2010, 14:20
with or without net_graph they are still the best
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