IEM returns to gamescom!


Intel Extreme Masters returns to gamescom! The second tournament of Intel Extreme Masters tenth season on StarCraft II  and the tournament on a mysterious unannounced game will be held from 5 till 9 August in Cologne. The game will be announced later.



This will be the fifth Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom. Last time the tournament was held at gamescom in the seventh season. Back then, 2 gaming disciplines were presented to the community, namely StarCraft II and League of Legends. The total prize pool was was 696 000 $. The competitions were held during 2012–2013. The tournaments were conducted in Germany, Singapore, Poland and Brazil. The final was held in Hannover, Germany on 5–9 March 2013.


As concerns the "unannounced game", it will most likely be Heroes of the Storm, since this game is represented within the framework of Intel Extreme Masters, which will be held 16-20 July in China Shenzhen, China. In according to the organizers' statement, more data about Intel Extreme Masters at gamescom will be provided soon.



General information


Intel Extreme Masters is a grand global championship within the framework of ESL, which began in 2007. Since then, IEM has gathered in one event the world's best players in various titles many times. The competitions in StarCraft II and League of Legends has been held since 2012. The following disciplines were listed before: Counter-Strike, Quake Live, DotA, Warcraft 3 and World of WarCraft. The prize pool was increasing each year. It was 643 000 USD in 2013. IEM includes five grand tournaments and grand final. In order to get to the decisive matches the players should pass the qualifiers (3 stages) of one of the championships and then take the prize place. The championships are held in Germany, Ukraine, China, Brazil, USA, Singapore and many other countries. The players gather in Hannover (Germany) for grand final. ESL are capable of making beautiful show, that's why IEM is always a feast for eSportsmen and viewers.



gamescom is an annual international exhibition of video games. It was first held on 19-23 August 2009 in German city of Cologne. gamescom's target audience is people related to video games: users, fans, publishers, journalists and traders.

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